Instructions for New Cyclists on How to Begin Training

There are many changes in the cycling community, from veteran riders getting off their bikes to newbies starting to learn how to ride. At our events and camps, we see all levels of cycling. As coaches, we believe that teaching the basics is as important as helping athletes to take advantage of the latest sports […]

Methods to Improve Your Cycling Fitness and Performance

1. Get stronger Canyon-SRAM Pro Cycling’s Tiffany Cromwell says that strength and endurance training is a great way to improve your ability to climb hills. This is when you ride up a climb in a higher gear than usual, at around 50-60 rpm. This can take anywhere from five to 20 minutes. It would help […]

How to Level Up Your Cycling with These 8 Training Tips

#1 Be consistent and have a plan My daily goal was to get on my bike, and before that, I allowed work, children, and the weather to be excused. An hour per day, outdoors or indoors, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Stick to your plan. FasCat Coaching uses the phrase “FtFP,” which stands for Follow the […]